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two suns

Prince Leo, servant Hongbin and no idea if I should keep writing this.

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boy in luv

For an lj Bangtan fic exchange.

Jimin doesn’t like Yoongi at all.

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Fan Fiction

So I write a lot of fan fiction and used to post it on LJ and AO3 under the name samfrack but I’ve found maintaining both time consuming and bothersome. Tumblr is the only social network site I use that I still frequently visit. So going to be posting all my fan fiction here. I write Vixx, Bangtan and random scattering of other fandoms. I also write a lot of original things and things based on the South Korean idol entertainment website I am 1/4 the admin team of. You can find the link to it here if you’d be interested in joining.  With that said this is still my personal blog I just see no reason to create a secondary blog to post my writing, I tried before and after a week stopped updating despite having finished three pieces of fiction and starting about fifty plus other ones. So anyone who for some reason decided to follow me if you don’t want to see my lame attempts at writing mixed in with my reblogs of kpop images, random funny things, doll pictures and horrible attempts at being clever unfollow me now. I won’t be offended, I’m surprised I even have followers lol

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so cute^^

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Korean Curse Words


젠장 (jen-jang) : Shit, goddamn, damn it
씨발 (shi-bal) : Fuck, fucking
병신 (byung-shin) : Dumbass, retard
엿먹어 (yut-mugguh) : Fuck you
미친놈 (mee-cheen-nom) : Crazy bastard
미친년 (mee-cheen-nyun) : Crazy bitch
걸레같은 년 (gul-leh-gat-eun-nyun) : Slut, whore
보지 (boh-jee) : Pussy
꺼저 (gguh-juh) : Get the hell out, leave me alone
씹새끼 (shib-seh-ggi) : Piece of shit, bitch, fucker
지랄 (ji-ral) : Bullshit

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k i s s i n g


title: k i s s i n g

author: samfrack

fandom: vixx

pairing(s): hongbin/ken, ken/leo, unrequited!hongbin/leo, leo/n (minor)

rating: pg

length: oneshot (1,600>)

summary: hongbin and taekwoon sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g. first comes jaehwan then comes hakyeon… that’s not right. au.

Did not realize something I wrote was on here lol

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